I’m Adrienne.  I’m married to Bryan, my biggest fan and partner in life and adventure.  I’m a mom to three awesome little people (two girls and a boy).

I’m a published magazine writer, former NASM certified personal trainer, deep thinker, lover of people, fitness, travel, new experiences and life in general.

Most importantly, I love Jesus and without His redeeming grace and love, my life would have no meaning.  My greatest hope is that you would see His mark on my life as you read my writing.

Thanks for visiting my little blog.  Pour yourself a beverage, grab a comfy seat and stay a while!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. gandyshare says:

    All for One puts a great big lump in my throat. It should be published. So glad to read another posting/blog. Now I can’t stop. You are a wonderful writer. Blessings, Candy White (Tina’s mom)


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